The White Flash

It was supposed to be a 1-3″ non event snowfall. I guess they got it wrong. We got 5-7″ in Southern NH. Enough to spark a snow emergency in Nashua.

I pulled out the Beargrease at 11:30 AM with about 1-2″ already on the ground. The concern was as always is, how much ice is there under the snow? The answer? ALOT! Even with 480 carbide studs on the Dillingers. With a thin quarter inch of compacted snow between the ice and stud contact point you get zero grip. Early in the ride I went for a 20 yard slide on the access road down to the Bowman lot at Horse Hill. Things would continue to improve as the snow depth continued to rise.

With the heavy snow only a few folks were out on the trail and just as few cars on the roads. In many spots I just rode in the middle of the road. Folks out clearing their driveways waved and shook their heads as I inched by. Finally we got some packable snow which began pulling on evergreen branches. By the time I got over to Greens Pond and Wasserman trails I was riding through what seemed to be snow tunnels. Made me think about tree skiing back in the day after a large snow dump. Quiet and peaceful.

If you got fat tires. Get out and pack your local trails and get ready for some great riding this week!


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2 Responses to The White Flash

  1. Mark says:

    You must have more snow than we do by now. Not fair. It’s still kinda scary-icy under about 3″ of new snow.

    • The Bully says:

      We do. However, the thaw created 2-4″ of ice below. Riding this week is going to be real nice. Just got back from 4 miles of grooming before the moist snow froze. I’ll be up at the moose brook race in Gorham this Sunday if your around.

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