Christmas Eve FatPak Ride

Pete's Carbon Beargrease

Pete’s Carbon Beargrease

We’ve been hard at work grooming the trails at Horse Hill. Unfortunately the heavier than expected rain and foot traffic destroyed much of our grooming efforts. That doesn’t however deter the FatPak riders from getting their fix.

Top Of Blodgett Hill

Top Of Blodgett Hill


10:AM Christmas Eve Fatty ride. What better way to kick of the holiday festivities than a pre present opening snow ride. We’ve got more than our share of early season snow this year. Perfect for those of us that made the jump to the 4″ tires.

Paul Carving the Crust

Paul Carving the Crust

Conditions were mixed from Ultra choppy to, fine corduroy. The less the foot traffic the better. Pipeline and GPC III were in fine form, smooth and flowy. Parts of loop trail were torn  to pieces making me desire a hideous thud buster post to take the edge off.

Anthony (Cycle Loft) Representing

Anthony (Cycle Loft) Representing

Apparently we’re not the only group that enjoys riding in the white stuff either. Snowmobiles (helpful), Quads (not helpful) were having some fun as well.

Not even a set of Clown Shoes could negotiate the chute.

Not even a set of Clown Shoes could negotiate the chute.

Our Groomer worked as intended. GPC 3 which is one of our newest trails had seen zero boot traffic and it was perfect. Only a stray deer print could be found on a smooth paved 18″ ribbon of single-track.

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