Build, Ride, Repeat

Unlike many racer folk that race for a shop or club. We NEMBA racers race for…. well….to race. Sure we do our fair share to promote the organization and construction of sustainable trails as well, but that just comes with the love for the sport. No fancy shop name in fact no sponsor names at all. One thing we know is that we love dirt. We love the woods. We also love to build trails.

It’s been a few months since I did an entry. Some of you may have thought I gave up the race scene. That’s far from the story though. Those of you with little ones at home know that This time of year means back to school, sports, homework, club activity, birthday parties, and parent teacher meetings. Throw in a large home construction project and something just has to give. So with less focus on racing, there has to be something for me to pass the time.

So I’ve been digging in the dirt a bit earlier than in past year and more frequent as well. As a matter of fact within the last 3 years, Merrimack has seen numerous trail improvements and a large expansion of its network. Six new trails since 2010 and we’re not even close to complete. Outer Ledges, Twister, Fat Cat, Pipeline, Greens Pond, and Blodget Hill Bypass. No longer do we ride our private stock, well maybe a little private stock. The word is out, and riders as far as Portsmouth NH have made the trek to check out our handy work. With the white stuff coming we’ve got yet more scheduled to build.

Here’s some of the images of what we’ve been up to.

Greens Pond Connector Drainage

Greens Pond Connector Drainage

Composite Bridge to Palmeri Drive

Composite Bridge to Palmeri Drive


New  Blodget Hill Bypass

New Blodget Hill Bypass


This was the free donation from FOMBA.

Bridge From FOMBA that they didn't want.

Bridge From FOMBA that they didn’t want.

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