Deer Flies I can’t take it anymore!

I’ve just about had it this year with these things. Seems like a wetter than average year has sent these things into a baby boom not seen in years.

Deer flies (also known as yellow flies, or stouts in Atlantic Canada) are flies in the genus Chrysops of the family Tabanidae that can bepests to cattlehorses, and humans. A distinguishing characteristic of a deer fly is patterned gold or green eyes.[1]

Deer flies are a genus that belongs to the family commonly called horse-flies (Tabanidae). They are smaller than wasps, and they have coloured eyes and dark bands across their wings. While female deer flies feed on blood, males instead collect pollen. When feeding, females use knife-like mandibles and maxillae to make a cross-shaped incision and then lap up the blood. Their bite can be extremely painful, and allergic reaction from the saliva of the fly can result in further discomfort and health concerns. Pain and itch are the most common symptoms, but more significant allergic reactions can develop.[2]

They are often found in damp environments, such as wetlands or forests. They lay clusters of shiny black eggs on the leaves of small plants by water. The aquatic larvae feed on small insects and pupate in the mud at the edge of the water.[1][3] Adults are potential vectors of tularemiaanthrax and loa loa filariasis.

23 + a Head and some legs

23 + a Head and some legs

These Tred-Not patches work pretty well. They’re about a buck a piece and you can probably get a couple uses out of them. I’m not 100% sold on being a human fly trap though. They peel off pretty easy and don’t leave a sticky residue. I certainly see more road miles in the near future for sure.

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3 Responses to Deer Flies I can’t take it anymore!

  1. Mark says:

    You’re either not riding fast enough or stopping too often. Think of them as little coaches.

  2. Doug says:

    Ride faster terrain until the plague passes…

  3. Robin says:


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